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Business Services Coordinator 

Team Jefferson initiates and facilitates collaborative projects and partnerships that create sustainable prosperity for Jefferson County. We provide one-on-one, confidential consulting and technical assistance to existing and start-up businesses in our local community, and assist businesses in relocating to Jefferson County. Our team of volunteer professionals includes business owners, retired executives, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.

Team Jefferson’s mission is to foster a business-friendly environment that fuels economic sustainability, drives innovation, and inspires collaborative community leadership.

The Business Services Coordinator is a critical team member that keeps our organization moving forward. Daily tasks in this role include the following:

  1. Office Administration
    • Provide day to day administrative support to the Executive Director, Board, and volunteers.
    • Greet all visitors of the Business Resource Center, and direct them to the appropriate office or meeting space.
    • Schedule and manage business consulting meetings for EDC staff and Board.
    • Prepare agenda, provide minutes, and attend all EDC meetings of the Board and subcommittees.
    • Plan, schedule, publicize, and manage EDC-sponsored classes (Business Planning, Lean, etc.), and events (CEO Breakfast, etc.).
    • Assist in preparation and dissemination of EDC press releases, reports, social media updates, and general correspondence.
    • Assist with administrative support for Jefferson LION. 
  1. Financial Management
    • Prepare checks, manage invoices, and coordinate general banking activities with Executive Director or Board President.
    • Coordinate activities with Bookkeeper, including financial report preparation. 
  1. Reporting
    • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for all sponsoring public entities (State, County, Port of Port Townsend, City of Port Townsend, Jefferson County PUD, etc.).
    • Manage the reporting system used by volunteers to track activity. 
  1. Other duties as assigned and in support of EDC Team Jefferson’s mission.

A passion for helping entrepreneurs to build resilience in Jefferson County is vital. Other preferred qualifications include previous office support and computer experience, an outgoing personality, collaborative thinking, and general creativity.

Approximately 25-30 hours a week, Monday through Friday, with the potential to grow into a full-time position in the next year. Occasional morning and evening availability is required.

Salary is dependent upon experience, and starts at $15 / hour. Customized health and wellness benefits available.

Please submit resume and cover letter to admin@edcteamjefferson.com.


Now is the time to get into the classes you have been waiting for. Enroll and take you and your business to the next level:

Business Planning Class: March 16th - May 25th

BizIQ Class: Problem Solving By Getting to the Root - Jan 25th @ 5:30pm


EDC Team Jefferson is now located at 2409 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend and co-located with the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce and the Visitors Information Center. Come see us and let us help you and your business thrive!

Let us assist you in growing, establishing, or relocating your business here.

Jefferson County business people are a diverse group of cultural creatives and entrepreneurs.


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Since its founding in 2007, Team Jefferson has brought over $6.5 million in new funds to Jefferson County, provided assistance and funding to over 45 new businesses and successfully set a positive tone of collaborative leadership for business in the new economy.

Photos by Sally Chapin, Pamela Roberts, D.C. Atty & David Conklin





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